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Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604

Constitution of Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604

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2005 Fall Term Exec Board

The Constitution of Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Updated September 4, 2005


The B'nai B'rith Girls shall have for its purpose:

the spiritual, mental, and physical development of Jewish youth; the advancement of a commitment to the State of Israel and K'lal Yisrael; the inculcation of a love and understanding of Jewish cultural heritage; the stimulation of responsibility as good citizens; the encouragement of good among the youth of all people; and interest in humanitarian, philanthropic, and educational endeavors.

Article I- B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Youth Commission

The provisions of the Constitution and By-laws of the B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Youth Commission are hereby made a part hereof and whenever there is any conflict between this Constitution and By-laws of the B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Youth Commission as they now read, or may later be amended, such provisions of the Constitution and By-laws of the B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Youth Commission shall be supreme in every case.

Article II- Name

The name of this chapter shall be Ginny Weinstein Chapter number 1604 of the B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Girls with a membership equivalent to the numbers prescribed by the local B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Board.

Article III- Membership

Section 1: Eligibility (to be a member in BBG)

A. An applicant for membership in BBG must be:

1. An unmarried Jewish girl

2. Going into ninth grade or of the age of fourteen.

B. A member may remain in the chapter until she completes her senior year in high school.

Section 2: Member in Good Standing

A. A member must be considered in good standing during the previous six months in order to:

1. Participate in any chapter&#8217;s nom period and Walkdown

2. Run for chapter office

3. Transfer to another chapter

B. In order to be considered a member in good standing, a member must (During a six month period):

1. Attend all chapter meetings

2. Attend at least 50% of all official projects

3. Participate in all chapter fundraisers

4. Satisfactorily fulfill the obligations of her office, if in office in the chapter

A valid excuse may be accepted by the president or advisor for failure to meet any of the above standards.

Determination of a member in good standing shall be agreed upon by the president and advisor.

C. A member failing to meet good standing requirement as a result of absences or failure to pay dues/fines, can be reinstated as a member in good standing by fulfilling the requirements in a later six month period. After being reinstated, she can again participate in all chapter activities (including holding office, nom and Walkdown eligibility, and nom period)

D. A member failing to meet the good standing requirements of fulfilling official duties may be reinstated by fulfilling those obligations during the rest of her term in office. She is reinstated as son as it is evident (after being informed of her failure) that she is making a reasonable attempt to fulfill those duties.

If a member resigns her office or fails to perform her duties in the last three months of her term, she may be reinstated to good standing status by meeting the conditions on section C of this article.

E. A girl who is not a member in good standing will lose the following privileges:

1. Voting in all chapter elections.

2. Eligibility to be picked up as a nom by another chapter

3. Walking down with a nom/beau at Walkdown

Section 3: Non-resident member

A girl may be a non-resident member in Ginny Weinstein BBG, if she lives in a community in which there is no BBG chapter. She may join a chapter in another community by paying one-half chapter dues and all Regional and District dues.

Section 4: Expulsion

A. Any member that conducts herself in a manor unbecoming a member of the B&#8217;nai B&#8217;rith Youth Organization may be temporarily suspended from the chapter by the advisor

B. Should the advisor decide that expulsion may be necessary, he or she may bring the matter to the attention of the Assistant Regional Director.

Section 5: Resignation

A member in good standing may resign by tendering such resignation in writing. The resignation shall be read at the next regular chapter meeting.

Section 6: Transferring Chapters

All transfers must be handled through the Dallas Council Director. A letter must be given to him/her stating the reason for change in chapters. A member is eligible for transfer if she has been in the chapter for a period of six months or more. She is eligible for transfer only if she is a member in good standing.

Section 7: Members-In-Training

A. Members-in-training (MITs) are to be accepted in the manor prescribed by the Dallas Council

B. MIT classes are not to be less than four weeks in length nor more than fourteen weeks

C. MIT Moms are required to give a report to the chapter concerning the MITs&#8217; progress, plans, and activities at each business meeting

D. No MIT shall be admitted as a full-fledged member unless she completes the following:

1. She must take the MIT examination given by the MIT Mom

2. She must attend and participate in the official induction ceremony unless a valid excuse is presented to the MIT Mom. Special individual cases will be decided upon by the advisor, president, and MIT Mom.

3. She must participate in planning a project and fundraiser with the rest of the MIT class, if a project and fundraiser are planned.

Section 8: Life Membership

A. Eligibility

Life membership may be taken by a Ginny Weinstein member after an active membership in the chapter and who has fulfilled all of the following:

1. Be a member in good standing; not on suspension.

2. Be approved and passed on by the chapter advisor

Section 9: Suspension

A. A member shall be up for suspension for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Failure to attend three consecutive meetings or projects without giving a valid excuse to the president or advisor prior to the meeting. (If a member is expelled from a meeting, she is counted absent)

2. Failure to attend 50% of all affairs and meetings within a three month period without a valid excuse

3. Failure to pay dues

B. Procedure of Suspension

The girl in question will be notified of her suspension by the president and the advisor.

1. After being suspended from the chapter, a member must go on a three meeting or three project suspension period during which time she must attend all three meetings and/or projects consecutively (not including sports) or present a valid excuse to the president. The president and advisor(s) will determine the validity of the excuse. The girl, during her suspension, will not be allowed to vote, take life membership, or will be asked by the president for her resignation, if a chapter officer.

2. If a member undergoes the suspension period, after that period is terminated the member will be considered to have fulfilled all the requirements of the suspension period and the member is automatically to be in good standing.

Section 10: Absence

A member is considered absent if she:

A. Does not attend a project or meeting

B. Arrives more than thirty minutes after the meeting or project has begun unless a valid excuse is given prior to the meeting or project to the president or advisor(s).

C. Fails to remain at the meeting or project for at least thirty minutes without giving the president or advisor(s) a reason for leaving the meeting or project.

D. is asked to leave by the president, parliamentarian, or advisor (expelled from the project or meeting)

Article IV- Fees, Dues, and Assessments

Section 1: Regular Dues

A. Designated dues shall be payable at the time designated by the advisor, president, and the council

B. MITs shall pay regular chapter dues

Section 2: International and Regional Dues

The chapter members shall pay the international and regional dues at the specified time and in the specified amount once yearly

Section 3: Nom Dues

A. Nom dues shall be paid at the time designated by the advisor, president, president, and nom chairwomen before Nom Period begins

B. Failure to turn in nom dues before the designated time will result in the loss of the following privileges

1. Voting for noms

2. Walking down with a nom or beau

3. Riding on the nom pick-up bus

Article V- Meetings

Section 1: Regular

A. Regular meetings may be called at any time by the president with at least 5 days notice and approval by an advisor

B. There should be one or more meetings per month; the time and date will be set by the president

C. There must be at least one advisor present

D. Girls entering the room while a motion of new business is being discusses can not vote unless she has heard the previous discussion.

Section 2: Special

A. Special meetings may be called by the president at any time, or shall be called by the written request of ten members in good standing given to an advisor prior to the meeting.

B. No special meeting shall be held until notice thereof

C. There shall be notice of this meeting at least two days previous to the date of such meeting

D. The notice of the meeting shall state the purpose for the special meeting, and no further business shall be transacted

Section 3: Quorum

A. One more than half the membership (a majority) of the chapter shall constitute a quorum

B. Summer quorum shall consist of one third plus a member in good standing and shall come to meeting and projects held from June 1 through August 31, inclusive.

C. An advisor has the authority to declare a quorum when one does not exist if she/he feels it is necessary.

D. Elections meeting must be attended by a regular advisor to constitute a quorum for voting.

Section 4: Voting Procedures

A. The presiding officer shall vote at the same time as all other members vote, and she shall assist in the counting of ballots.

B. Life members are not allowed to vote.

C. MITs may vote on new business after attending one regular meeting and two MIT meetings.

D. The voting procedures shall be left up to the president and advisor(s).

E. The beau, president, and advisor(s) may count the votes for nom pick-up and beau.

F. The MIT class as a whole shall only count as three votes until they are inducted

G. Girls entering the room while a motion is being discussed may not vote on that motion.

Section 5: Election Meeting

A. Officers are elected for a six month period

B. Caucusing and speaking shall be left to the discretion of the president

Article VI- Officers

Section 1: Chapter Officers

The chapter shall have the following offices:

1. N&#8217;siah- President

2. S&#8217;ganit- Vice President of Programming

3. Morah- MIT Mom/ Vice President of Membership

4. Calendar Mazkirah- Maker of the Calendar

5. Mazkirah- Corresponding Secretary

6. Katvanit- Recording Secretary

7. Gizborit- Treasurer

8. Sh&#8217;licha- Community Service/ Jewish Heritage promoter

9. Orechet- Newspaper Editor

10. Madricha- Counselor

11. Fold Chairwomen of:

a. Citizenship

b. Community Service

c. Creativity

d. Jewish Heritage

e. Sisterhood

f. Recreation

12. Minor Chairwomen of:

a. Dance

b. Nom

c. Sunshine

d. Beau/Advisor Appreciation

Section 2: Executive Board

The executive board shall consist of the following officers:

President, Vice President, MIT Moms, Calendar-maker, Corresponding Secretaries, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Newspaper Editor, Community Service/ Jewish Heritage Promoter, and Counselor.

Section 3: Qualifications

To run for office:

A. The member must be a member in good standing

B. To run for president, a member must have previously served on the Exec. Board

C. To run for vice president, the member must have previously served on Exec. Board or have been a fold chairwoman.

D. To run for MIT Mom, a member must have previously held an Exec. Board position, been through a MIT period as either a MIT or an older member, and can not be an incoming sophomore unless there is no one else eligible for the position.

E. All folds will be appointed by the Vice President

Section 4: Duties of the Officers

A. President- N&#8217;siah (one person)

1. Shall preside at all chapter meetings

2. Shall overlook over all committees

3. Shall clear dates for all meetings and projects

4. Shall correspond regularly with Regional N&#8217;siah

5. Shall count all votes on closed ballot matters along with the advisor(s)

6. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

7. Shall not currently hold any other executive board office or major/fold chairwomanships.

8. Shall be the chapter&#8217;s head delegate at conventions

9. Shall be in charge of giving weekly correspondence to the corresponding secretaries, advisor(s), and beau

10. Shall notify members when they are no longer in good standing

11. May call and run executive board meetings in place of the S&#8217;ganit

B. Vice President of Programming- S&#8217;ganit (one person)

1. Shall assume the duties of the N&#8217;siah in her absence

2. Shall lead all executive board meetings

3. Shall be responsible for all committee meetings in the chapter

4. Shall pass out &#8220;helpful hints&#8221; booklets to the Fold Chairwomen containing ideas from previous chairwomen.

5. Shall be in charge of the chapter&#8217;s six-fold programming

6. Shall correspond with Regional S&#8217;ganit

7. Shall NOT Responsible for carrying out projects

8. Shall be a resource for program ideas

9. Shall not hold another office except dance or nom chairwoman

10. Shall be a voting member of the executive board

C. MIT Mom- Morah (No more than two people)

1. Shall be in charge of training all new members (fall term)

2. Shall be responsible for chapter re-education

3. Shall not hold another exec. Board office

4. Shall be in charge of all MIT duties as set by the Regional Morah (fall term)

5. Shall plan the chapter retreat

6. Shall Correspond with the Regional Morah

7. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

D. Calendar Maker- Calendar Mazkirah (one person)

1. Shall get project information from the S&#8217;ganit and use it to make the monthly calendar

2. Shall turn these calendars in by the date set by the Dallas Council Board

3. Shall Correspond with the Regional Mazkirah

4. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

E. Corresponding Secretary- Mazkirah (no more than two people)

1. Shall be responsible for distributing updated roster every term

2. Shall make sure each member receives correspondence and shall transmit weekly correspondence to her calling committee

3. Shall correspond with the Regional Mazkirah

4. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

F. Recording Secretary- Katvanit (one person)

1. Shall be responsible for taking minutes at ALL meetings.

2. Shall be prepared to present minutes at any meeting

3. Shall take attendance at all meetings.

4. Shall correspond with the Regional Mazkirah

5. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

G. Treasurer- Gizborit (one person)

1. Shall keep the records of all chapter expenses

2. Shall make payments of all obligations upon authorization of advisor(s).

3. Shall advise each member on their standing with regard to dues and assessments.

4. Shall be in charge of doing at least one fundraiser (per term).

5. Shall correspond with the Regional Gizborit

6. Shall educate the chapter on ISF and its importance

7. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

H. Community Service/Jewish Heritage Promoter- Sh&#8217;licha (one person)

1. Shall promote ACT and TASC on the chapter level

2. Shall be responsible for keeping a record of the number of community service hours the chapter has.

3. Shall work together with the Community Service, Social Action, and Jewish Heritage chairwomen to plan projects.

4. Shall correspond with the Regional Sh&#8217;licha

5. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

I. Newspaper Editor- Orechet (one person)

1. Shall keep an accurate record of chapter activities in a newspaper for the chapter

2. Must send out at least two newspapers during her term

3. Shall correspond with the Regional Orechet.

4. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board

J. Dance Chairwomen (no more than four people)

Shall be in charge of all duties of the dance chairmen as stated on the council level

K. Nom Chairwomen (no more than two people)

1. Shall be responsible for all of the projects during nom period

2. Shall be responsible for all nom period details (shirts, buckets, gifts, calling lists, etc.)

L. Advisor/Beau Appreciation Chairwoman (no more than two people)

1. Shall be responsible for all beau and advisor appreciation projects

2. Shall be responsible for getting the beau shirt

M. Fold Chairwomen (no more than two people per fold)

1. Social Action Fold

a. Shall plan all cultural/citizenship programs

b. Shall aim to make better citizens of the chapter members

2. Community Service Fold

a. Shall plan projects to aid the community

b. Shall aid the Gizborit in planning ISF fundraisers

3. Creativity Fold

a. Shall plan creative programs to promote chapter spirit

4. Jewish Heritage Fold

a. Shall coordinate all programs concerning all Jewish holidays and education

b. Shall aim to develop a greater knowledge of the Jewish religion

c. Shall plan all projects dealing with Judaism ideas

5. Recreation Fold

a. Shall organize all social and athletic programs

b. Shall be responsible for MBA programs

c. Shall be responsible for teams and practices

6. Sisterhood Fold

a. Shall plan projects to develop sisterhood and unity between chapter members

b. Shall plan at least one project with fellow BBG chapters

Section 6: Removal from Office

The subject shall be brought to the president&#8217;s attention. The girl in question shall present her case and the matter will be taken under consideration. Under certain circumstances, the president and advisor(s) may remove a girl from office if there is a just cause.

Article VII- Changes to the Constitution

Any changes or additions to the constitution may be made by a two thirds majority vote of the chapter, with approval by the advisor(s).

If you have any questions about our constitution, contact Morgan Prexy at